Interactive textile sound installation

Linz, Austria 2014 - WERKSTATT AM HAUPTPLATZ (Aileen Derieg)

A carpet appears, but does not exist in its usual shape anymore. It passes over its frame and integrates itself as a deconstructive space element. The interaction with the fabric brings background noises to the surface, which were captured in the setting of their natural environment and merge in a new relation. The boundaries between inside and outside are blurring.

Many thanks to:

Michael Schweiger, Beate Luger-Goyer, Gilbert Bretterbauer, Andreas Zingerle, Anna Weiler, Ricardo o´Nascimento, Daniel Maalman, Alexandra Holzmann, Julia Grundböck, Eva-Maria Pernleitner, Johannes Gangl, Matthias Tremmel, Tobias Kolle, Aileen Derieg